Electronics Ecommerce Website Python

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Nevon Electronics Ecommerce Website Python
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The Internet is one of the most innovative technologies that has changed the business environment and has had a significant influence on the future of electronic commerce (EC). The future of EC will accelerate the movement of power toward the consumer, resulting in profound changes in how businesses interact with their consumers and compete with one another.

The computerization of traditional business techniques would assist to put a halt since e-commerce would provide more access to product resource material, exceed the operating expenses of setting up a traditional store, and offer better prospects for enhanced buying and selling of goods and services, as well as eliminate delayed access to erroneous data retention and wasteful paperwork.

Companies, for example, can set up a virtual marketplace to sell their products. This virtual market has the potential to reach millions of Internet users 24 hours a day. Our system, the Electronics website allows consumers to shop for electronic items from the comfort of their homes. This is a Python-based Project with a MySQL database. In this system, there are two modules Customer and Admin. In order to access the system, customers and admin are supposed to log in using username and password respectively.

The customer has to register themselves using the name, number, email, and card details (account number, CVV, expiry date) and create a username and password for login purposes. After the customer has logged in it can view all the products, view details of the products, and buy products using a credit card. The customer can view the cart and also compare the products.
After Admin is logged in it can view all orders and accepted orders too. View products and add more products.


  • Saves time and effort.
  • The convenience of shopping at home.
  • Wide variety/range of products are available.
  • Good discounts / lower prices.
  • Get detailed information about the product.
  • We can compare various models/brands.