Electronics DIY Summer Vacation Training School Workshops for Students

Summer training school electronics workshop
Wondering how to teach school kids and students basic and advanced Electronics? Nevon Projects offers best summer training programs and school workshops which will make school students and kids learn electronics from basics to advanced in an easy, efficient and fun-filled way. This electronics workshop will provide students with in-depth knowledge on electronics. Through this electronics-based course and electronics kits, kids and students will learn to build his/her own electronics circuits and projects.

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Basic Electronics Workshop for 5th-10th Grade Students

What does this Workshop Provide/Workshop aim ?
This workshop will show the demonstration of designing and implementing various electronics system using breadboards, sensors, burglar alarm and much more. Building such electronics system uses a simple and fail-safe electronic circuit. These electronics-based mini project and course will help students learn more about electronics circuits, sensors.
Workshop Outcome:

  • Introduction to electronics systems & circuits.
  • Introduction to Resistors, PCB, Breadboards & Capacitors.
  • Understanding IC sockets, cables and connectors & Diodes.
  • Understanding how sensors are involved in Electronics.
  • Understanding motors, solar panel and embedded systems.
  • Hands-on experience on embedded electronics development.

Workshop Structure:

  • Lecture Duration -2 hours
  • Development & Assembly Duration- 6 hours
  • Testing & Conclusion- 1 hour
  • Doubt Solving: 1 hour

This workshop will teach to build, design and implement the following DIY Electronics circuits and electronics mini project:

DIY Plant Moisture Monitoring Electronics Workshop

Nowadays due to population rise, demand for electricity is on rise. As electricity is generated from non-renewable sources, its depletion fear is high. This system is proposed to generate electricity using tiles. Generating off-grid electricity just by walking around or powering streetlights with your footsteps. This system consists of spring, gears, two rack and pinion and three generators. These tiles are intended to somewhat uproot vertically when somebody strolls on them. This vertical development results in a rotatory movement that produces electrical vitality.

DIY Fire Alarm Electronics Workshop

This DIY Fire Alarm Electronics kit consists of Resistors, Capacitors, Temperature sensors, PCB, Breadboards, IC Sockets, 555 Timer Circuitry, Cables Connectors, transistors and more. This system is a fully automated smoke alert monitoring system which raises alarm in case if a smoker is detected in a smoking zone. Hence this system will ensure smoke free areas in no smoking zones which promotes good health and well-being.

DIY Clap Based Fan Switching Electronics Workshop

This clap-based fan switching system kit consists of 555 Timer IC, Transistors, Transformers, Diodes, Capacitors, Resistors, IC Sockets, MIC and more. Using this Kit, we can design a system which causes a Fan to start and remain ON for a limited time by performing a particular action ‘Clapping’. By building this system, you can explore and study more about many electronics components.

DIY Smart Burglar Alarm Electronics Workshop

This smart Burglar Alarm kit consists of Battery, LED’s, Buzzer, IC Sockets, Diodes, Transformers, Adapters and more. This simple device built using this kit helps by rising an alarm whenever there is an unwanted intrusion in the secured premises. These electronics mini project will help students to gain knowledge on copper wire, burglar alarm, transformers and all other electronic components used.

DIY Solar Panel with Sun Position Tracking Electronics Project

This solar panel with sun position tracking ECE kit consists of crystal oscillator, solar panel, stepper motor, Push Buttons, Switches and more. This system designed, aims to maximize the sun light incident on the solar panel during anytime of the day. The microcontroller used generates stepped pulses periodically to rotate the panel through stepper motor.

Advanced Electronics Workshop for 9th-10th Grade Students

What does this Workshop Provide/Workshop Aim?
The advanced electronics workshop aims at showing demonstration of designing and implementing major electronics projects. This workshop will provide complete knowledge on building Arduino based and sensor-based electronics kit. These electronics based major projects will help students to explore and gain more knowledge on Arduino boards, different types of sensors, android based electronics systems and more.

Workshop Outcome

  • Understanding Arduino boards layout and sensors.
  • Understanding Advanced electronics topics.
  • Students will work on live projects.
  • Learning more about advanced embedded systems.
  • Learn to build your own innovative and best Arduino and sensor-based projects.

Workshop Structure:

  • Lecture Duration -2 hours
  • Development & Assembly Duration- 6 hours
  • Testing & Conclusion- 1 hour
  • Doubt Solving: 1 hour

This workshop will teach and guide to build your own electronics circuits and systems using Arduino, sensors and other electronics components in an easy and simple way.

Workshop Includes:

  • LED Blink Pattern
  • Gas Sensing
  • Alcohol Sensing
  • Motor Operation by Timing
  • Fire Alarm
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Plant Moisture Monitoring
  • Android Controlled Car
  • & More

Nevon Projects has a wide variety and collection of basic and advanced electronics kits which helps students to learn and build their own basic and advanced electronics systems. Nevon Projects supplies electronics kits in India and worldwide. Nevon Projects provide school DIY workshops, summer vacation workshops and summer training in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Nashik, Surat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and all over India.