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Without a management system, hostels are typically run manually. Thus, an automated system can eliminate a lot of repetitions. The disadvantage of existing systems is developed into an automated systems that will aid in the reduction of many manual inputs.

This system is intended to help hostel admin by allowing them to save student records and information about their rooms. It helps the admin from the manual work from which it is very difficult to find the record of the students. In this project, the front-end involves XML, Android-Java and the back-end involves MSSQL. The IDE used is Android Studio.

There is a lot of pressure on the person in charge of the hostel, and software is not typically used in this situation. Our Android-based Hostel Management System helps in dealing with the problems associated with managing students in a hostel and avoids the issues that arise when these tasks are performed.

In this system, the admin manages the system of Hostel Management. They can add, update or delete rooms and beds to the system. Students will be assigned beds based on their preference for a general room or bedrooms. The admin can also add, update or delete student details to the system, allocate their rooms accordingly and view the attendance of a student.

Filter by date and room or student-id can be applied by the admin to view the attendance of the students. Students can log in to the system and manage their profiles, making changes as needed. They can add their room allocation details by scanning the QR Code. For instance, the QR code will be placed outside every door, i.e., library, mess, gym, AV room etc. and every member has to scan and then enter.

It will add a log, by this, the system will be able to track where the hostel member is. So, the QR Code system will provide the attendance logs when a person has gone in and out of the hostel and every room too. Students can view only their attendance, and they can also filter it by date.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It helps to find vacant rooms easily without wasting lots of time looking for rooms.
  • Students can view their own attendance easily.