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With increased responsibility, it has become difficult for people to keep track of the number and quantity of groceries available. Thus, a poor grocery management system leads to the problem of not having enough groceries when required. In this fast world, remembering the groceries in the kitchen is really a tough job for people who are involved in jobs away from home. A smart grocery management system is in demand to keep track of the availability of grocery items in the kitchens at home.

We have designed an Android Grocery Management App to tackle the above-mentioned problem. Our project will help to keep track of the grocery available. It can be applied anywhere where an efficient management system is required, like homes, stores, restaurants, etc. To enhance the user experience, we have also added a recipe feature which will help the user to make interesting and delicious food items with the available grocery in the inventory.

The system comprises 1 module: User.
The user would require to register first to log in. After registering successfully, the user can log in using their credentials. If the user forgets their password, the system will send the existing password to their email. The user will have the access to add, update and view items in their inventory.

The system will even suggest recipes to the user based on the items available in their inventory. The system will show the recipes by searching 60% of ingredients that matches the items in the inventory. In the recipe ingredients, the system will also show how much quantity is required and how much quantity of ingredients is available.

The user can view the list of all the recipes included by them as well as the others. While adding ingredients to the recipe, they can either choose from the items already available in the inventory or add a new one. They can also edit and delete any recipes they have added.

The user can scan the barcode of any item, if that item is available in the inventory, they can update it or else the system will ask them to add it to the list. In the Shopping list, the user can manage the items they want to shop for in their inventory.

In this system, the front end involves XML and the back end MSSQL. The programming language is JAVA. The IDE used is Android Studio.


  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It will help the user keep track of the grocery available.
  • They can also make a list of items they have to buy.
  • They can view and share recipes through the system.