AI Chatbot App using Dialog Flow in Flutter

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Nevon AI Chatbot App using Dialog Flow in Flutter
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A chatbot is a computer program that interacts with users using natural language or text, giving the impression that the user is conversing with an assistant. In order to produce the necessary response, most chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Chatbots are now commonly used for a variety of corporate, personal, and educational purposes. Chatbots are user-friendly, and anybody who is capable of typing in a smartphone application may use them. Dialog Flow is a service which provides a complete product to implement voice- and text-based conversational interfaces. It employs Machine Learning to conduct a conversation as naturally as possible.

The whole process can be done using the simple UI in Dialog Flow’s console. There are many advantages which make Dialog Flow a compelling choice. Our Flutter-based AI Chatbot using Dialog Flow System will help the user to get answers to their questions by the chatbot.

In this system, the user will need to register first to log in to the system using a username and password. They can manage their profile by adding and updating their details and changing the new password. The user can chat with the bot, the chatbot will be trained in the dialog flow console. These questions and answers will be added to Dialog Flow Console directly.

Here, we have implemented a chatbot using Dialog Flow technology which will be helpful for the user to chat. Dialog Flow is a platform by google where we can design the chatbot what can be the question, how the chatbot will answer, related answers or modules etc.

This project is written in Dart and the database used here is SQLite, and it is based on the flutter framework. Dart is a programming language that Google developed and keeps up with. A cross-platform framework for building high-performance mobile apps is called Flutter.


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The user can ask any sort of question and they will be answered by the bot.
  • No need for human interaction and it saves time to reach people for clearing their doubts.