GPS Tracking Software

GPS Software that tracks everything.

GPS Software

  • We develop and deliver GPS Or Global Positioning Systems to suite your needs. These software systems allows you to efficiently track mobile phones, vehicles or other objects.
  • Our GPS systems(cell phone tracking software, vehicle tracking software) are designed to provide maximum accuracy and real time data on objects all over the world.
  • These GPS software systems can be Integrated with CCTV camera and other devices to provide more comprehensive applications to suit your needs.
  • We also design and develop tracking systems as per customer requirements. These systems are designed specifically to suit your business needs.
  • Cell phone tracking, Laptop tracking, Vehicle tracking are some of our widely used software products.
  • Our system allows you to track these devices on a map and view the exact location of these objects. Our GPS sensors can even be integrated with other objects need to be tracked.
  • Here are some of our commonly used GPS based software products:
    • Phone Tracking Software:
      This software is built specifically to track cellphones. It allows you to track a cellphone and view its location on a desktop Pc or another cellphone. The software gives us an accurate and more precise location of the target cell phone. Get this phone tracking software only at NevonProjects. The software requires some legal permissions.
    • Vehicle Tracking Software:
      This vehicle tracking system is built to get accurate vehicle location details. These details are available on a real time map and can be viewed remotely on a mobile phone or a Computer. This system has two main areas of usage:

      • Tourist Vehicle Tracking: This is usually used in travel agencies where the agency hires drivers to drive their vehicles. The vehicle location and path can be traced by the agency personnel using this system. The system allows remote monitoring of the vehicle location and path. An additional feature that notifies the owned in case of an accident occurs. The sensor notifies the owner through an Sms in case of a collision.
      • School bus Tracking and Viewing: School bus tracking allows school authorities as well as parents to monitor the bus status as children travel through it. The system also contains live cctv cameras fitted into the bus to monitor the bus. The system sends our sms notification to school authorities about the school bus location in case of an accident. The accident sensor immediately senses a collision and alerts respective authorities.
    • Laptop Tracking: Laptop tracking allows users to track their laptops in case the laptop gets lost or stolen. The system allows users to remotely check their stolen laptop location on their mobile phone.

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