Safety System for Child Left Unattended in Vehicle

Note: We will be using GSM modem (Sim 800) to send sms with Atmega 328 microcontroller for this system.

We have reviewed your requirements. We can develop the system as follows:

Features: Motion Detection, Temperature detection, Sound detection, Co2 Detection, SMS alert to user.

System Working:

  • System is powered by a 12 V battery 1.3Mah.
  • System also sends SMS alert to user “Low battery” if battery goes below 10%.
  • On Start a user needs to give missed call to the system, system configures that number as authorized user number.
  • Now User has to set the minimum temperature and co2 level for alert detection.
  • System just monitors temperature now.
  • If temperature rises above user set temperature, it monitors motion, sound sensor and co2 sensor
  • If motion or sound is detected, system beeps for 10 seconds.
  • If user presses sleep push button in those 10 seconds, alarm stops.
  • If sleep button is not pressed in 10 seconds, alarm buzzer is on and sms is sent to authorized user using GSM modem.
  • Alarm stops when user presses sleep button.

Project Kit Includes:

  • Assembled & Tested Project
  • The Guidance Documents soft copy
  • Documentation Data
  • Electronics development videos
  • PowerPoint Presentation.

Kit Cost: $ 380 (380 USD)
Kit Type: Ready To Go Project Kit
Development & Delivery Time: 50 Days
Delivery Cost: $ 0
Free Delivery To Oman

Note: We do not provide battery due to shipping company prohibitions. You can buy a 12 V lead acid battery in your area and connect it to circuit.