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Get unique and efficient robotic chassis, robotic arms and parts to make your own robot systems. Make real time customized robots using our robotic chassis and parts.

Robotic Chassis:
Nevonexpress provides the widest variety of Robotic chassis kits that helps students, researchers and engineers build innovative robotic systems in no time. Get robotic chassis for RC vehicles, tanks, 3 to 8 wheel drive vehicles robots. Nevonexpress constantly develops new robotic chassis and parts to assist you in robotic research & development.
Robotic Arms:
We have a wide variety of robotic arms to help you build your own robotic arm projects. Robotic arms are used for making a variety of industrial arms to dish washing arms. You may use our wide variety of robot arms to make desired robotic applications and projects. Get 3dof to 8 dof robotic arms to help you bring your unique robotic mechanisms to reality.

Unique & innovative robotic parts to help you in robotics R&D. So view our list of latest robotic parts, chassis and arms to bring your robot to reality today.
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Our list of robotic chassis parts and kits comprises of parts you need to make customized robotic systems of your own. Build your own custom mechanisms and systems using our robotic chassis. Make innovative mechanisms using our robotic arm kits and robotic parts.