Python Course based Training Workshop

Python Course based Training Workshop
Software & Material: Django and Python Framework
Certificates: Will be provided after completion of the workshop.
Doubts Session: One or more sessions with our industry experienced trainers.

To Setup a Workshop OR for More Details:
Call/WhatsApp: +91 9136664227

About Python Course Based Workshop:
These days Python is the most preferred language as it supports multiple programming paradigms, which includes object-oriented, imperative programming styles and much more. Python has many libraries that helps a lot in the field of programming. Hence, Python is the best programming language to work with. Nevon Projects aims to provide industry standard hands on python workshop. By participating in this workshop, participants will be able to learn Python basics from scratch.

Workshop Structure:

Module I: Introduction to Python Programming
• Session: 4 hours
• Introduction to Python.
• Understanding IDLE for compiling & running program.
• Understanding basic data types & assignments.

Module II: Control Statements & Functions and Classes
• Session: 4 hours.
• Understanding control statements.
• Understanding identifiers & indentation.
• Understanding Data Operations.

Module III: Python Modules & Packages
• Session: 4 hours
• Understanding modules and packages.
• Understanding Logging & Debugging.
• Understanding Python execution environment & tools.

Module IV: Python Programming Practices
• Session: 4 hours.
• Implementing Python functions.
• Implementing exceptional handling.
• Implementing Real world examples.

Why Nevon Projects Python Workshop?
Nevonprojects is an initiative by NevonSolutions which allows to share the Nevon industry expertise through python training workshops. Nevon Projects has experienced experts who will train the students in the best way during workshops. They provide in depth knowledge on python programming through which students can build their own python projects in future.

All those who are interested in learning python programming can attend and participate in this workshop. Students belonging to Computer Science, Information technology, Electronics and Telecommunications fields and also those who are interested in Python programming career can participate in this workshop.

To Organize a Workshop at Your College/University:
Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

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