Primary School Science Workshops for Children Preschool

Summer training school science workshop
Kids have a natural curiosity that lends itself to science, technology, math and engineering. Electronics and engineering kits helps pre-schoolers to develop early concepts that they can build on as they grow. By using such electronics kits they begin to understand that tools and components which help people to do better things. Nevon Projects provides workshop based on a variety of educational electronics kits that can both teach and be fun for parents and kids alike. It offers preschool workshops which provides fun and interactive activities to help kids learn basic electronics components. Through this early childhood workshops kids will learn to build small and safe electronics circuits and systems.

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Electronics Workshop for Nursery/Preschool Kids

What does this Workshop Provide/Workshop aim?
This preschool workshops for kids and children based on electronics will help kids to learn, build and explore electronics components. Nevon Projects offers simple, easy, hands-on and fail-safe electronic circuits for kids.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Introduction to Switch Circuits
  • Introduction to Serial Circuits
  • Introduction to parallel Circuits

Workshop Structure:

  • Lecture Session
  • Development & Assembly
  • Testing & Conclusion
  • Doubt Solving

Workshop Includes:

  • Adding Lights
  • Dimming Lights
  • Switch Circuits
  • Serial Circuits
  • Parallel Circuits
  • Creative LED Arrangements
  • Fun With Motors
  • & more

Nevon Projects provides various workshops for children, which helps children and kids to learn build their own basic and advanced electronics systems. It provides creative workshops in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Nashik, Surat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and all over India.