Path Follower Robot Project Based Workshop

The ideal workshop for you to learn and develop your own robot.

Path Follower Robot Project Based Workshop
Kit: Will be provided to each team.
Certificates: Will be provided after completion of the workshop.
Doubts Session: One or more sessions with our industry experienced trainers.
To Setup a Workshop OR for More Details:
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About Path Follower Robot Workshop
There are many types of robots starting from the robots that can monitor and repair the natural environment to robots that assist humans to carry out difficult industrial activities, the robotics are evolved at rapid rate. And such robots are made to replace human beings. In this robotics workshop, you will learn to build your own path or line follower robot.
A path follower robot is a robot which follows a certain path controlled by a feedback mechanism. This project consists of a robotic vehicle to follow a desired path. Such line follower robot is used in various workshops, factories and many more places, where unmanned vehicles are used to follow a specific path without using tracks.
By building this path follower robot project, you will practically learn about 8051 microcontroller, IR transmitter, DC motors, ultrasonic sensors and many more components.

Workshop Structure:
Module I: Introduction to Path Follower Robot
• Session duration: 1 hour
• Why we need Path Follower Robot.
• Path Follower Robot Applications.
• Introduction to Path Follower Robot Mechanisms.

Module II: Path Follower Robotic Kit Details & Assembly
• Session duration: 2 hours
• Detailed Assembly of Path Follower Robotics Kit.
• Assembling & mounting of path follower robotic kit.

Module III: Path Follower Robotic Controller Details & Programming
• Session Duration: 1 to 2 hours
• Path Follower Robot Controller Working
• Programming of System

Module IV: Hands-on Experience on Path Follower Controller Interfacing
• Session Duration: 2 to 3 hours
• Perform hands on Assembly and Programming
• Doubt Solving Session

Why Nevon Projects Path Follower Robot Workshop?
Nevonprojects is an initiative by NevonSolutions which allows to share the Nevon industry expertise through robotics training workshops. Nevon Projects has experienced experts who will train the students in the best way during workshops. They provide in depth knowledge on robotics through which students can build their own robotics systems in future.

This workshop is best suited for those who are interested in knowing about the fundamentals of Robotics, Industrial Automation. All Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Chemical, and Instrumentation & Control Engineering Student can join this workshop.

To Organize a Workshop at Your College/University:
Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

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