Nevon Autolight L5.1

NevonAutolight – Automated Light Fan Controller system

Get NevonAutolight and automate your home, office or industry today. NevonAutolight provides easy control over your lights and fans along with intensity control. With enhanced features like 2 way control (Mobile+Remote), energy saving, temperature display, timer based switching NevonAutolight is the best home automation system available in market. Having NevonAutolight at your home has following benefits:

  • 2 Way Control: Android & Remote
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Light Switching & Dimming
  • Easy Fan Switching & Speed Control
  • Fuse Protection
  • Timer Control Option
  • Temperature Display
  • Date Time Display
  • Energy Saver
  • Installation Videos Provided

Get Autolight

Automate your home today with autolight. NevonAutolight is the best and simplest home automation solution available in market. No need to change the wiring of your home. No need to buy special lights and appliances. Autolight is easy to install to your existing wiring setup. With easy installation manual and videos, autolight is the best home automation product available today.

Autolight l5.1

Autolight l5.1 home automation system

Autolight l5.1 home automation system

With 2 way control autolight allows users to control lights and fans using android as well as tv remote. From lighting to other appliances, you may automate your other household appliances too with Nevon Autolight. Moreover autolight also provides temperature readings and time all over the day. Thus automating your house to a further extent. Now Nevon Autolight has inbuilt timers that let you control your home appliances at your specified timings too, thus providing timing based home automation feature feature in the system. So automate your house today with Nevon Autolight- Office & Home Automation System.