ME & Phd Project Consultation

Get expert guidance in your ME & Phd (Software and electronics related) projects through online consulting sessions. We help you in your research on ME and Phd project research and development with our experience on current technologies. Our experts provide you with ways and means to go about your project with ease.

How much does it cost ?

  • The online consulting is usually for free.
  • If we need to put in extra efforts or investment for your research, we do charge you accordingly for the sessions.

How does it work ?

  • You fill in the form below with your research paper/document & requirements.
  • We review your requirements to decide whether we can help you with it.
  • If our team can help you with the project research we inform you about consultation session details.

Do we help in building the system/code ?

Well we don’t code the systems for you, but we do guide and help you for the development tools and provide our expertise to help you build the system yourself.

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Many ME and PhD candidates face problems in project development. Their research based project work can’t always be done without professional help. For this, We provide free technical guidance and support for ME and PHD projects. We provide expert guidance in software and electronics related projects through online consulting sessions. Our expertise helps you in your research work to help you find ways and means to go ahead with your project work. We even share our experience on current technologies to help you in the process. Get ME and Phd project consultation for software and electronics related projects only at NevonProjects.