Matlab Vacancy

Matlab Developers needed at NevonProjects. We are recruiting fresher as well as experienced matlab developers at NevonProjects Mumbai.

Desired Candidate:

  • Candidate must be have hands on knowledge of developing any one (Digital signal processing or Digital image processing) applications in matlab.
  • Candidate must have developed at least 1 project on matlab.
  • Candidate must be dedicated and enthusiastic towards development.

Candidate Qualifications:

  • BE(Bachelor of Engineering) in Electronics | Electronics & Communication | IT | Computers
  • M.Tech
  • Msc (IT | Electronics)
  • MCA
  • ME

Job Profile: Candidate would be required to work on innovative and research based systems. First month would be as an intern.

Pay: For first month candidate would be on a stipend , from second month onwards candidate would be offered best in market salary package.
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