IOT Door Opener System Project based Workshop

The ideal workshop for you to learn and develop your own IOT systems.

IOT Door Opener System Project based Workshop
Kit: Will be provided to each team.
Certificates: Will be provided after completion of the workshop.
Doubts Session: One or more sessions with our industry experienced trainers.
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Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

About IOT Door Opener System Workshop
There is a wide need of controlling electronic doors remotely for automation and security purposes. This workshop tries to fulfil this need by implementing IOT technology implementation over the electronic door, making it a super advanced door system along with locking system. Using Atmega family microcontroller, web connectivity with IOTGecko, WIFI module, you can build your own IOT Door Opener System.
By participating in this workshop, you will practically learn about Atmega family microcontroller, IOTGecko, WIFI module and many other components.

Workshop Structure:
Module I: Introduction to IOT Door Opener System
• Session: 1 hour
• Introduction to IOT Door Opener System.
• Why we need IOT Door Opener System.
• IOT Door Opener System applications.

Module II: IOT Door Opener System Component Working & Details
• Session: 2 hours
• Understanding Atmega family Microcontroller architecture, programming & trouble-shooting.
• Understanding WIFI module concepts, architecture & applications.
• Understanding IOTGecko.

Module III: Design and Implementation of IOT Door Opener System
• Session: 2 hours
• Understanding the design of IOT Door Opener System.
• Understanding web connectivity with IOTGecko.
• Circuit explanation.
• Programming the system.

Module IV: Hands on IOT Door Opener System Interfacing
• Session: 3 hours
• Participants will develop and test IOT Door Opener system.

Why Nevon Projects IOT Door Opener System Workshop?
Nevonprojects is an initiative by NevonSolutions which allows to share the Nevon industry expertise through IOT training workshops. Nevon Projects aims at providing IOT based workshops for students through industry experts. This workshop in depth knowledge on internet of things, Atmega family microcontroller architecture, IOTGecko, WIFI module and much more.

This workshop is best suited for those who are interested in knowing about the fundamentals of IOT, Industrial Automation, door opener system, atmega family microcontroller architecture and programming. All Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Chemical, and Instrumentation & Control Engineering Student can join and participate in this workshop.

To Organize a Workshop at Your College/University:
Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

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