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Our Specializations: Electronics/Embedded, Software Systems, Automation & Fabrication, Renewable Energy, IOT Systems

How does it work ?

  • Message us your queries at Skype id: admin.nevonprojects or Email at
  • We review your requirements to decide whether we can help you with it.
  • If our team can help you with the project research we inform you about consultation session timings.
  • We then solve your queries and help throughout your development process through video calls & chat process.

How much does it cost ?

  • The online consulting is absolutely free.
  • In case we need to put in extra efforts or investment for your research, we then quote you accordingly for the service.

Do we provide full R & D Services?

We provide R & D services too if you require us to research the complete product or system at our end.

Who uses this service ?

Companies, Business Owners, Researchers, ME & Phd pursuers.

Why is it free ?

We believe human technology development is progressing at a very slow rate due to selfish human nature & non willingness in sharing technology with each other, thus blocking overall human technological research. We thus wish to contribute to any research and developments that we can help in to bolster technological growth.