Customized Sun Tracker Solar Panel Project

LCD Size:20*4
System Works on AC power supply using transformer.
Solar Panel: 10Watt

  • System uses arduino with our circuit for this purpose.
  • System has a solar panel mounted to a motor for monitoring sun position.
  • System scan all directions in every 2 minutes.
  • System finds the angle at which panel gives most output.
  • System then aligns the panel at that angle to get most output from solar energy by sun position tracking.
  • We use a small solar panel for the project making.
  • System also displays voltage at every angle on LCD display.

Development Cost: $365
Development & Delivery Time: 35 days
Delivery Cost: $0
Free Shipping To Saudi Arabia

Project Kit Includes
Assembled & Tested Project
The Guidance Documents soft copy.
Documentation Data
Electronics development videos.
PowerPoint Presentation.
Online Technical Support