AWS Course Based Training Workshop

AWS Course Based Training Workshop
Software & Material: AWS Framework.
Certificates: Will be provided after completion of the workshop.
Doubts Session: One or more sessions with our industry experienced trainers.

To Setup a Workshop OR for More Details:
Call/WhatsApp: +91 9136664227

About AWS Course Based Workshop
Amazon Web Services provides on demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and government on a paid subscription basis. Nevon Projects provides industry standard training workshop through experts. By participating in this workshop, you will get hands-on experience with AWS and serverless applications. In this course-based workshop, trainers will introduce and teach the basics of building serverless applications and microservices using services like AWS Lambda, AWS AI, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 and many more. Participants will also learn to build and deploy their own serverless application using these services for common use like web applications, analytics and more.

Workshop Structure:

Module I: Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS
• Session: 4 hours
• Introduction to Cloud, Cloud Services & Deployment Models.
• Introduction to AWS.
• Introduction to AWS Certification.
• Understanding AWS Management Console.

Module II: Understanding Compute Services
• Session: 4 hours
• Understanding Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
• Understanding Regions & Availability Zone Concepts.
• Understanding EC2 instances.
• Understanding Network & Security.
• Understanding AWS Lambda and API.

Module III: Understanding Networking, Security & Identity Services
• Session: 4 hours
• Understanding Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
• Understanding VPC Essentials & Security Groups.
• Understanding Subnet Routing & VPC Internet Gateway.
• Configuring a Web Application in VPC.
• Understanding IAM features, IAM Console and the Sign-in Page.

Module IV: Amazon S3, AWS AI
• Session: 4 hours.
• Understanding object storage, data as objects, lifecycles of S3.
• Creating a Static website using S3 storage.
• Understanding AWS AI, AWS Polly, Lex.
• Understanding Bots Creation.

Module V: Understanding Database Services & Management Tools
• Session: 2 hours.
• Understanding Relational Database Services.
• Creating tables and loading Sample data.
• Understanding Amazon CloudWatch & its architecture.
• Monitoring Memory, Disk Metrics, Logs and Graphs.

Why Nevon Projects Amazon Web Services Workshop?
Nevonprojects is an initiative by NevonSolutions which allows to share the Nevon industry expertise through Amazon Web Services training workshops. Nevon Projects has experienced experts who will train the students in the best and efficient way during workshops. They provide in depth knowledge on AWS and Cloud Computing through which students can build their own virtual reality projects in future.

All those who are interested in learning amazon web services can attend and participate in this workshop. Students belonging to Computer Science, Information technology, Electronics and Telecommunications fields and also those who are interested in AWS and building serverless applications can participate in this workshop.

To Organize a Workshop at Your College/University:
Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

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