Android School Attendance & Monitoring System

System Working:

  • When father wish to pick up their kid from the school they need to request them through mobile App after login with username and password.
  • The Mobile App will confirm the request receiving.
  • Once the father get the request receiving confirmation the system will show the student name on the paging screen in the students hall for 5 seconds (this time can be controlled less or more) and will page the student name 3 times then the name will appear on the queue screen.
  • Once the student reads or hears his/her name he/she should hit to the door and once she or he is out the barcode reader interfaced with a PC will send the signal to the system that the student left and his/her name will be removed from the paging queue.
  • Every minute the system will check the queue list and page the names of students whom didn’t leave yet.
    At the end of every day a summary report will be issued for the status of all the students to admin login.
  • Admin can login through his admin app to use his features.