Android Application Development Workshop

Android Application Development Workshop
Software & Material: Eclipse IDE with Android SDK installed plug-ins.
Certificates: Will be provided after completion of the workshop.
Doubts Session: One or more sessions with our industry experienced trainers.

To Setup a Workshop OR for More Details:
Call/WhatsApp: +91 9136664227

About Android Application Development Workshop
Majority of the hand-held devices runs on the Android Operating System. Android operating system is open-size and customizable. Nevon Projects Android Application development workshop aims at providing technical training on the concepts and programming methodologies used to develop various Android Applications. By participating in this workshop, you will learn to develop applications in the latest operating systems with practical implementation and begin managing your own applications like a professional at this workshop. This course-based workshop will allow students to grasp the concepts of the complete mobile application development.

Workshop Structure:

Module I: Introduction to Android Application
• Session: 3 hours
• Understanding What Is Android?
• Installing the Android SDK.
• Understanding Android Stack Architecture.
• Implementing Hello World Application.

Module II: Android Features & Blocks
• Session: 5 hours
• Understanding Main Building Blocks.
• Understanding Intent Filters in Android.
• Working on and preparing Android User Interface.
• Understanding android apps building.
• Designing an application.

Module III: Introduction to Android Layouts
• Session: 4 hours
• Understanding Android Layouts & Menus.
• Creating Android Toast.

Module IV: Designing User Interfaces.
• Session: 2 hours.
• Understanding sensors in Android.
• Work with your Android Phone.

Module V: Android Broadcast Receivers & Graphics
• Session: 3 hours.
• Understanding and implementing Broadcast Receivers.
• Designing Android Graphics and Multimedia.
• Media Player Application using Content Provider.

Module VI: Overview of Advanced Android Topics
• Session: 1 hour.
• Android Asyc Task.
• Android web services.
• Android Online Apps.
• Targeting multiple resolutions.

Why Nevon Projects Android Application Development Workshop?
Nevonprojects is an initiative by NevonSolutions which allows to share the Nevon industry expertise through android development application training workshops. Nevon Projects has experienced experts who will train the students in the best way during workshops. They provide in depth knowledge on android operating system, android application through which students can build their own mobile applications in future.

This workshop is best suited for those who are interested in knowing about the fundamentals of android development application, android operating system. All those who are interested in learning mobile application programming can attend and participate in this workshop.

To Organize a Workshop at Your College/University:
Call/Watsapp: +91 9136664227

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