Adaptive Social Media Recommendation Payment

Project Title: Social Media Recommendation System + (Links,pdf download) + Personalized assistant


1. Language php,mysql
2. System consists of a small dummy social media site
3. Users can register, login and post articles, images
4. System allows user to post comments and like other users articles and images
5. System will monitor user posted comments for keyword extraction
6. Graphical and Statistical Report:- Mentions Visits of User
7. All Users can view News Feed and can provide comment/suggestion on news
9. System recommends other articles as well as links found in db as per user analysis
10. Also links provided by user will be separately available in a dropdown menu
11. Admin Login has full authority on system, admin can add delete dropdown categories and category content

Project Development Time: 25 days

Development Cost: $ 275 (275 USD)
To be paid in 2×50% installments

Installment1: $ 137