About Us

Started in 2012 NevonProjects grows exponentially through its research in Software and embedded system. NevonProjects, a part of NevonSolutions works towards development of research based software as well as embedded systems for educational purposes.
With rapid growth in technology and innovation, NevonProjects has now the largest collection of software as well as electronics based self learning kits and more systems being researched every month. Due to this we now serve these kits in more than 55 countries across the globe.
NevonProjects develops these software and electronics based self learning kits for researchers, engineering students and enthusiasts to help in their research and studies. We develop innovative and unique software as well as electronics based systems that can be used to automate various needs/tasks.
Our systems are built to automate work from various sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, defense, biomedical as well as domestic sector. We build these systems to be used as a reverence for further development and studies by engineering students, researchers and enthusiasts.