Vehicle Speed Limiter Project

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Vehicle Speed Limiter Project
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Over speeding vehicle make lot of nuisance sometimes also leading to loss of lives and other damages. Also imposing speed restrictions through sign boards have been rendered fruitless wherein the vehicle drivers do not comply with it and resulting catastrophic. Vehicle Speed Limit Controller Project is a great solution to this problem as it not only provides speed limitations, it also implements it through a controlling mechanism. The project works with RF communication between the speed sign post and the vehicle controller system. A motor is used here to depict as a vehicle. Whenever a vehicle comes in range of the RF speed sign post, the sign post transmits the speed limit for that particular road to the vehicle system. The vehicle controller system receives this signal through RF receiver and further perceived by the microcontroller. The speed of the vehicle can be incremented / decremented manually with the help of push buttons. If the system was at lower speed than the limit received from the sign post than there will be no changes made to the speed of the system. However, if the speed of the vehicle was manually incremented to a higher value, then the controller will impose the speed restriction and bring back the speed value to the value specified by the limit. Now if the user tries to increase the speed, the system does not allows it to do so till it is in range of the RF speed sign post. The speed of the vehicle and the limits are displayed on an LCD. Thus this system greatly helps in curbing the speed of over speeding vehicles ensuring safety of vehicles on accident prone road ways.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • MC Programming Language: C
Block Diagram