RFID Based Passport Project

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RFID Based Passport Project

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The project designed is an authentication system where the passport holder is authorized through RFID technology. The passport holder would have an RFID tag which contains all the passport details like name, number, nationality etc. This tag has to be swiped over the reader and the information thus read is provided to a microcontroller of 8051 family. This information is matched with the one stored in the microcontroller, if the data matches microcontroller displays an confirmation message otherwise displays a denial message on a LCD screen. The status of a particular person can also be obtained through a status button in the system.

Hardware Specifications

  • Microcontroller [8051 Family]
  • LCD
  • Crystal
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Diodes
  • Transformer
  • RFID Reader
  • RFID tags
  • LED

Software Specifications

  • Keil µVision IDE
  • MC Programming Language: Embedded C