Raspberry Pi Based Automatic Selfie Booth

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Here we propose a fully automated selfie booth system that does not need any manual button click to take and save selfies. Our system consists of raspberry pi based system with a camera as well as speaker and led’s interfaced through a PCB board to deliver this functionality. This is an innovative system that does not need users to click selfies, it automatically starts taking selfies and saves it in their pen drive using face recognition technique. We here use raspberry pi for fast processing in order to detect if any human faces are detected near the selfie booth, it then instructs the camera to start taking selfies at 2 seconds intervals until user is still standing in front of it. It allows user to attach a pen drive before starting image capture and saves all selfies in it. It is a very entertaining system for parties, events and other occasions to capture automatic selfies of visitors, guests and keep gathering memories of the event. We also use speaker sound effects along with led’s to indicate images capture and successful saving.

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Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Python 3 compiler
  • Programming Language: Python
Block Diagram