Pneumatic Actuator Based Lifter Jack

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Pneumatic Actuator Based Lifter Jack
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Here demonstrate an automated vehicle lifting jack using pneumatic actuator. This system makes use of foot pump, air cylinder, solenoid valve, joints, pipes, screws and mounts and a power supply circuitry. We use a pipe to connect the air cylinder to the pump. Pressing the pump paddle allows air to move through it and fill in the air cylinder to start pushing it. This movement of air starts pushing up the cylinder which allows it to lift the object placed on it. We also need to pull it down when we need it, so for this purpose we use a solenoid valve connected to the lifting jack in order to drive air out when needed and lower it down. The system consists of a control circuitry in order to control the solenoid valve which allows for driving out the air whenever it is to be lowered.

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  • Low Effort Lifting
  • Easy To Operate
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