PIC Based Ultrasonic Radar

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PIC Based Ultrasonic Radar
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Keeping watch 24*7 on prohibited areas to avoid tresspassing is a difficult task. Keeping manual help is cost effective and not reliable too for keeping a watch over a area. The PIC Based Ultrasonic Radar System solves the problem. This system detects any unauthorised human/animal in the surrounding. The system monitors the area in the range and alerts the authorities alarming the buzzer. The PIC microcontroller in the circuit which is connected to an ultrasonic sensor mounted or servo motor for monitoring, alarms the buzzer to notify the unauthorised identity on the LCD screen.The radar keeps monitoring the environment checking the ultrasonic sensor echo. As soon as an object is detected the data of detection is processed and sent to authorities with an alert of where exactly the object was detected. Hence, this system proves to be a guard 24*7 monitoring the prohibited area.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • MC Programming Language: C
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