Load Sensing Seats With Lights Fan Control

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Load Sensing Seats With Lights Fan Control
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We are reaching the age of full automation. And with increased automation comes increased power consumption. There is a constant demand to automate things while minimizing power consumption for the same. So here we propose a load sensing seat with automated light fan control. People usually forget or don’t care to switch off lights, fans after use on public properties. This leads to a huge power wastage. So our proposed system senses when a user is using the seat and only then switches on the lights also allows user to operate the fan as long as user is sitting on the seats. This puts forward a method to provide automated service to train and flight travelers while at the same time avoiding any unnecessary power usage. Our system consists of load sensors that are to be embedded in seats in order to detect if a human is sitting on it. After sensing user the system gives signal to the microcontroller and switches on lights automatically, also system activates fan switch as long as user is seated in the seat. After getting up even if the user forgets to switch off the fans or lights, the system automatically detects this and switches off the lights and fans automatically. Thus it saves a lot of power while providing an automated light fan switching system.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • Programming Language: C
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