Gas Leak Detector With Automatic Air Exhaust Using ARM Cortex

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Gas Leak Detector With Automatic Air Exhaust
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Gas leakages are one of the major reasons behind fires and blast accidents. Here we propose an automated gas detection and accident avoider system. The system automatically detects gas leakages. If the leakage is detected system automatically starts exaust fans. One exaust is used to suck the gas out of the room. While another fan is used to pull in fresh air from outside at the same time sending out an alert message to turn off the gas supply. The system efficiently avoids the chances of any fires or blasts which could have been caused due to gas leakage. We use ARM cortex along with gas sensor to detect cng/lpg gas presence along with 2 fans, buzzing alert and display based circuitry interfaced to Arm cortex to develop this accident avoider system.

Brand vid tech

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Atollic Studio
  • Programming Language: C
Block Diagram