Design & Fabrication of Motorized Water Pump

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Motorized Water Pump
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Here we study the design and fabrication process of a mini water pump. All water pumps are motorized pumps that suck water from one end and push it out with force from the other end. We start with the fabrication of the fan with water suction blades. Now the system uses a frame with suction and out flow pipe connected to the inner frame. The inner frame consists the fan arrangement. We now use a motor with a custom designed shaft arrangement to connect the motor to the fan arrangement. Now as soon as we power the motor it rotates the fan and thus drives the system which pulls water from one pipe and pushes it out with force through other pipe.

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  • Motor
  • Fan
  • Pipes
  • Internal frame
  • Supporting frame
  • Joints & screws


  • Efficient Pump
  • Low cost pump
water pump design