College Forums with Alumni With Content Filtering

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Students will see the threads they have create in the forum as the first post of the discussion. Below it, student will find the replies that have been posted. Viewing a forum page, the student will see the text they have written at the ‘Thread Title’ space while creating the forum, and, if there are any, the discussions that have been started. In this forum type, students will see the message of Thread in a separate space above the discussion field, in which a user will see the information such as the title of the discussion (which means the forum’s title), its author, the replies, likes and the date of the last post. The Q & A forum is best used when you have a particular question that you wish to have answered. In a Q and A forum, a user post the question and other people respond with possible answers. The Q & A forum is best used when you have a particular question that you wish to have answered. In a Q and A forum, user post the question and other users respond with possible answers. This feature allows equal initial posting opportunity among all students, thus encouraging original and independent thinking. This forum behaves in the same way as the default standard forum for general use, allowing users to start their own discussions. However, it displays differently in that the first post of each discussion is displayed so that users can read it and then choose to respond by clicking the original post.

  • The great advantages of e-learning is the flexibility it affords to all participants.
  • E learning and discussions in particular, can support learning that is not always tutor/teacher-centred, your role will be important, especially as an online community begins to develop.
  • A group of students can become a community of participants who begin to grow in their understandings of course material and individual contributions to the knowledge construction process.
  • Very flexible and more convenient system for users.
  • Managing all thread/post, replies and like from users with proper well structured flow.
  • It may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.
  • User cannot delete a thread once it is created.