Car Overspeeding Detection Project

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Car Overspeeding Detection Project
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Our proposed project aims to develop a system that detects cars driving at speeds over specified limit and inform concerned authorities immediately. Road accidents occurrences have increased recently so there needs to be a system that allows to detect overspeeding cars. Current speed detection systems are handheld guns held by police personnel that allow them to check car speed and then manually inform authorities about the vehicle. Whereas this proposed system does not need any human interception and records car speed as well as wirelessly informs authorities of overspeeding detections.
The system first calculates the time required by the specific car for moving from first point to the second. Based on this data it calculates the car speed. This data is gathered and then transmitted by the system wirelessly to concerned authorities at a remote location. The mechanism consists of IT transmitter- receiver pair that work in combination for vehicle detection purpose. The microcontroller is now used to process this data and calculate the time required by vehicle to travel from one point to the other. Depending upon this time it now calculates vehicle speed as well as displays this on an LCD display. The system also sends this data wirelessly. It sounds a buzzer alarm if an overspeed vehicle is detected.

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

  • Keil Compiler
  • MC Programming Language: C
Block Diagram