Automatic Bubble Maker With Speed Control

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Automatic Bubble Maker machine project



Here we demonstrate a fully automated soap bubble maker machine that automatically produces bubbles using a motorized system. The mini machine runs on a 12V battery to produce bubbles. It has 2 speed options that allows us to control the rate at which bubbles are produced. The mini machine uses a smartly designed mechanism to perform this operation. It is made using a liquid tub, bubble wheel, rotator motor, blower motor, speed switch, supporting frame and battery. The bubble wheel is fabricated by punching equidistant circular holes in it to collect small amounts soap water. The rotator motor is used to drive this wheel slowly in order to achieve slow movement through the soap water. The blower motor consists of a fan which is mounted in 90 degree angle with respect to the wheel so as to blow bubbles through those holes. The motors are powered by a mini control circuitry that allows for 2 speed settings. The low speed is for a lower bubble flow rate while higher speed setting allows creating bubbles at a faster rate. Thus we successfully develop the automated bubble maker with dual speed settings.

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  • Portable bubble Making
  • Easy To Use
  • Dual Speed Settings
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