Automated Canteen Ordering System using Android

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This Canteen Automation System empowers the end clients to enroll on the web, read and select the food from e-menu card and request food online by simply choosing the food from canteen utilizing an android application. The framework is the blend of Android and in addition Web Application. By utilizing this application the work of waiters is diminished and we can likewise say that the work is invalidated. The advantage of this is if there is surge in the Canteen at that point there will be chances that the waiters will be inaccessible and the clients can straightforwardly arrange the food to the culinary specialist online by utilizing this application. Utilization of QR (Quick Response) Code is executed to produce after request is set and furthermore created at whatever point a client needed to pull back sum from the wallet. Administrator or the canteen individual need to scan the QR code to start the exchange and the sum will get deducted separately.

  • Completely automated online ordering of food in a canteen.
  • Order can be placed using personal android phones.
  • Food ordering pages that look and feel exactly the same as the existing restaurant website.
  • Simple user-interface Admin and Canteen Panel for creation and configuration of menu groups, menu items, etc.
  • QR code will be generated on every order.
  • Active internet connection is required.
  • Application only compartible with android devices.
  • Application may provide inaccurate results if data entered incorrectly.